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Inner Critic 

Do you immediately know what an Inner Critic is? Is there an inner voice that pops up to criticize and deflate you? The Inner Critic is generally our harshest critic. It judges us harshly and says thing to us that we would never say to someone else. It sets an unrealistically high standard of performance. No matter the achievement it is never satisfied. When we don't live up to our aspirations and expectations, the Inner Critic will drown out most of our positivity and self esteem.  Have you accepted negative views of yourself to the point where you have lost hope in a brighter more secure future or relationship? The critic makes it difficult to recognize our accomplishments or take a break from work.

IFS can help you explore the beliefs of the Inner Critic and how your Inner Critic is, from its perspective trying to protect you from disappointment and disconnection. IFS can help you address the Inner Critic's underlying fears. This will allow you build greater self acceptance and a more satisfying life, free of  shame and baseless guilt. You can enjoy greater joy, hope and confidence.


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