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Couple Hugging in Nature

Sex Therapy

Are you looking for support with your sexual relationships? In our popular culture, sex is predicted as magical, effortless and never-ending. It all seems to be so easy and electrical. This idealized portrayal can leave one confused and frustrated, when they find that they are not experiencing the type of sexuality they see in the media and online. Even if sexuality used to be easy, negative experiences, life pressures and the aging process can  make sex less care-free. When we add  pressure from career,  partners, family members and goals of starting a family, it can seen hopeless.

There are many cultural, physical and emotional underpinnings to good sexual health and connection. Satisfying sex needs to be grounded in holistic wellbeing, safety and acceptance. There is hope. It does not have to be painful or confusing. I have supported countless individuals and couples overcome their roadblocks and build satisfying sexual joy and connection. Let's talk about your goals and challenges, so that you can enjoy the life you expected. 

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