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Are Gateway Drugs a Thing?

Updated: Mar 30

No. In other words, the gateway substance is not the cause of the addiction, but rather a symptom of a deeper psychological issue that needs to be addressed. Using a substance may provide temporary relief from uncomfortable feelings, but over time, the individual may develop a tolerance and need stronger substances to achieve the same effect, eventually leading to the use of hard drugs like cocaine.

Furthermore, the social and cultural context in which gateway substances are used can also contribute to the likelihood of using hard drugs. For example, individuals who use gateway substances may have social networks that expose them to hard drug use or normalize it. Additionally, the illegal nature of many gateway substances can lead to association with criminal activity and further exposure to hard drugs.

Overall, while the biological mechanism for gateway drugs use leading to hard drug addiction may not be clear, there is a strong correlation between the two. The focus should be on addressing the underlying psychological issues and creating a supportive environment to prevent the progression to hard drug use.

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